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As of June 17, 2015, the Board of Pharmacy Specialties has awarded the contract to Purdue.   BPS will no longer accept UNM CPE credits towards your BCNP recertification.  December 31, 2015 was the last date of acceptance.  While ACPE credit will be available the hours will NOT be accepted by BPS towards your recertification.  You can view the statement release by BPS 6/19/205 here.

Due to the new contract being awarded to another university for BCNP re-certification hours, all production of new Lessons has been halted and discontinued until further notice.

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If you do not know what email address is attached to your profile, please contact us directly by email so that we can updated your account and/or let you know what it is set to.

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Reset Assessment Attempts
We allow one reset of your Assessment attempts.  This will give you 2 additional attempts to pass the Lesson.  Make sure to review your missed questions before the sending the request.  Resetting your attempts will clear all the data collected including what questions you previously missed.  Please request by email.

Expiration Dates
Each Lesson has a different expiration date.  Please be aware that although a date has been set it is likely the lesson will be renewed.  ACPE only allows a period of 3 years for a CE to be valid.  At the 3 year mark, we renew the lesson giving it a new UPN and expiration date in most cases.  We will always send an email out to all users as well as post a notice on the site if any Volumes/Lessons will be expiring.

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CPE Monitor
Hours not showing up? We report hours monthly (end of each month).   Please confirm that  you have a valid NABP ePID number and DOB in your profile.  If problems persist, please contact us.

BPS Reporting
Hours are no longer reported to BPS, however IF you see a discrepancy in your BPS records please contact us so that we can resubmit hours on your behalf.

CE Broker Reporting
Hours are automatically reported at the beginning of each month.  You will receive a confirmation email from CE Broker once hours have been submitted.  If you do not see your hours, please contact us by email to confirm the request.

We do not offer a discount for multiple purchases, however we do offer a discount to Active Military personnel.  Information can be found at this link.

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