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As of June 17, 2015, the Board of Pharmacy Specialties has awarded the contract to Purdue.   BPS will no longer accept UNM CPE credits towards your BCNP recertification.  December 31, 2015 was the last date of acceptance.  While ACPE credit will be available the hours will NOT be accepted by BPS towards your recertification.  You can view the statement release by BPS 6/19/205 here.

Due to the new contract being awarded to another university for BCNP re-certification hours, all production of new Lessons has been halted and discontinued until further notice.

Below is an overview of the available Radiopharmacy CE courses currently online. The Contact Hours for each Lesson are in (Parenthesis).  You will have 2 attempts to pass each lesson.  If needed we can clear your current attempts and reset for an additional 2 attempts (email HSC-Radiopharmacyce@salud.unm.edu to request a reset).  If after the 4th attempt you do not pass the test, the lesson will need to be repurchased at full price.

Volume XII (12)

Lesson 1. Radiolabeled Red Blood Cells: Method and Mechanisms (2.5)

Lesson 2. Update on Department of Transportation Regulations (2.5)

Lesson 3. Technetium Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (6)

Lesson 4. Pharmaceutical Care & FDG Imaging (4)

Volume XIII (13)

Lesson 1. Clinical Applications of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT and Myocardial Perfusion SPECT Protocols (1)

Lesson 2. Interventional Agents in Stress (1)

Lesson 3. Pet Assessment of Cardiac Function: Current & Prospective Radiopharmaceuticals, and Clinical Applications (1)

Lesson 4. The Bio-Organometallic Chemistry of Technetium and Rhenium: Fundamental Concepts and Applications for the Design of Molecular Imaging and Therapy Agents (1)

Lesson 5. Inorganic Chemistry: Fundamental Principals as Applied to the Development and Application of Metalloradiopharmaceuticals (1)

Lesson 6. USP Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding —Sterile Preparations Potential Impact on Handling Radiopharmaceuticals (2.5)

Lesson 7. Low Level Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: Current Concepts and Concerns for Nuclear Pharmacists (2.5)

Lesson 8. Basics of Pharmacogenomics for the Nuclear Pharmacists (5.0)

Volume XIV (14)

Lesson 1. Meeting Critical Radioisotope Needs in a World Concerned about Nuclear Terrorism (1)

Lesson 2. Development of 18F and 11C PET Radiopharmaceuticals (1)

Lesson 3. Analytical Methods used in the Quality Control of PET Radiopharmaceuticals (1)

Lesson 4. Imaging Technology Changing Cancer Therapy (1)

 Lesson 5. Bacterial Endotoxin Test and Sterility Test for Radiopharmaceuticals (4.0)

Lesson 6. Internal dose Assessment in Nuclear Medicine (4.0)

Lesson 7.  Nanotechnology in Nuclear Medicine (3.0)

Volume XV (15)

Lesson 1.  Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (2.0)

Lesson 2.  Evolution of PET Radiochemistry: Synthesis and Clinical Application of Radiopharmaceuticals (2.0)   

Lesson 3. Quality Control of Compounded Radiopharmaceuticals (3.5)

Lesson 4. The Science of Measurement: A Primer on Radioactivity Dose Calibrators (4.0)

Lesson 5.  A Primer for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Disease (3.5)

Volume XVI (16)

Lesson 1.  An Update of Miniaturized Chromatography procedures for newer Radiopharmaceuticals (1.5)

Lesson 2.  Clinical Trials Network and the [18F] FLT Demonstration Project (3.0)

Lesson 3. Patient Safety and Compliance Issues with the Medication Use System in Radiology (2.0)

Lesson 4. Mechanisms of Radiopharmaceutical Localization (2.5)

 Lesson 5. Practical Aspects of labeling DTPA- and DOTA-Peptides with 90Y, 111In, 177Lu, and 68Ga for Peptide-Receptor Scintigraphy and Peptide-Receptor Radionuclide Therapy in Preclinical and Clinical Applications (6.0)

Volume XVII (17)

Lesson 1. Introduction to Diagnostic and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies (3.0)

Lesson 2. Radiopharmaceuticals for Planar and SPECT Brain Imaging (3.0)

Lesson 3. The Fundamental Principles of Compartmental Pharmacokinetics Illustrated by Radiopharmaceuticals Commonly Used in Nuclear Medicine (4.0)

Lesson 4. Ventilation/perfusion lung scintigraphy: What is still needed? A review considering technetium-99-m-labeled macro-aggregates of albumin (3.0)

Lesson 5. Evaluation the Medical Literature Part I: Basic Principles (2.5)


Lesson 1: Evaluating the Medical Literature Part II: Application to Diagnositc Medicine (5.0)

Journal Reading

2015 Lesson 1: Infection Imaging (2.5)

2015 Lesson 2: Radiation Biology and Radiation Dose in Special Populations (3.5)